🌊🌍 Dissemination Event : Zero Food Waste 🌍🌊

On 16.03.2024, at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Cyprus, PlanBe, Plan it Be it, hosted a dissemination event for the Aqua Project as part of the Zero Food Waste Initiative. The event served as a platform to engage participants on environmental issues and showcase the Aqua Project's impactful initiatives. The primary goal was to raise awareness about water conservation and sustainable practices, achieved through a comprehensive presentation highlighting the project's goals, methodologies, and achievements. Attendees included members of the Zero Food Waste Initiative, environmental enthusiasts, youth, and local organization representatives, fostering vibrant discussions and community collaboration. An interactive Q&A session provided deeper insights, while distribution of informational materials ensured continued engagement beyond the event. The success of this dissemination event underscores the commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and building a more resilient future for communities worldwide.

🌟 Dissemination Event:'Spill the Tea' Workshop 🌍

On 08/03/2024, from 3pm to 6pm at Loja Ponto JA, the 'Spill the Tea' workshop brought together 18 youngsters in a safe space facilitated by Marta Monteiro and Palestinian youth workers, Zeina and Daria, as part of a job shadowing program. Focused on International Women’s Day, the session delved into topics of women’s rights and mobility opportunities in Europe and Palestine. Highlights included presentations on Erasmus and European Solidarity Programs, insightful discussions on gender equality, and an exchange of ideas between European and Palestinian perspectives. The workshop sparked enthusiasm among participants, leading to active engagement and identification of barriers to gender equality such as salary gaps and cultural traditions. Feedback from attendees highlighted the workshop's value in deepening understanding and fostering community engagement, aligning with the objectives of the AQUA project and promoting youth involvement in advocating for women's rights and EU programs enforcement. The event underscored the transformative potential of open dialogue, empowering participants to drive positive change within their communities.

🌊🌍 Dissemination Event Report: From the land to the table 🌍🌊

In a recent event hosted by SI Canarias, titled "From the Land to the Table: Nourishing Our Bodies and Minds," we delved into the profound relationship between healthy food choices and overall well-being. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Candelaria municipality of Tenerife, Canary Islands, on 05-04-2024, the event provided a platform to discuss the transformative power of food beyond mere sustenance. Emphasizing that food is not just about filling our stomachs but also about nurturing our bodies, minds, and emotions, we explored the vital role of fresh, natural ingredients in maintaining optimal health. Throughout the talk, we debunked common myths surrounding food, empowering attendees to make informed choices that support their physical, mental, and emotional vitality. As advocates for holistic wellness, we were privileged to engage with our community on this vital topic, inspiring individuals to cultivate a deeper connection with the food they consume and its profound impact on their overall quality of life.

🚲 Dissemination Event Report: Bike UpCycling Workshop 🚲

The dissemination event for the Aqua Environmental Project held at the Upcycling Place in Nicosia on 13.04.2024 marked a significant milestone in our efforts to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness within the community. With a focus on upcycling using bicycle parts, the event aimed to raise awareness about innovative ways to repurpose materials and reduce waste. Attendees were introduced to the Aqua Environmental Project's objectives and the importance of water conservation and environmental stewardship, along with the significance of upcycling as a sustainable practice. A hands-on upcycling workshop allowed participants to transform old bicycle parts into functional and aesthetic objects under the guidance of experienced facilitators, fostering creativity and breathing new life into discarded materials. Through a well-structured presentation, we effectively communicated the Aqua Project's goals, methodologies, and achievements, followed by an interactive Q&A session that facilitated insightful discussions on environmental conservation and community engagement. By distributing informational materials and online resources, we ensured that participants could continue to explore the project's details and integrate its principles into their daily lives, ultimately achieving our objectives of promoting upcycling, raising awareness about environmental issues, and fostering community engagement.

🌊🌱 Reflecting on the Success of the PROJECT AQUA Dissemination Event: 'Reuse, Recycle, Refresh'! 🌱🌊

We're thrilled to share the outcomes of our recent event held on March 26th, April 9th, April 15th, April 18th, April 19th, and April 23rd, 2024, at СЕТУГС Михајло Пупин. Facilitated by Gordana Damjanoska, Andigoni Milenkovska, Angela Magdeska, Jelena Stojanovik Josifovska, and Anja Mancevska, it was an enriching experience where we presented the AQUA project, explored learning opportunities for youth, and engaged in lively discussions on green ideas. The event was a testament to the significance of dissemination in promoting Erasmus+ programs, sharing best practices on Environment, fostering networking, ensuring long-term impact, and influencing education policy. Together, we're paving the way for a greener future! 🌍💧