Transnational Project Meetings

TPM Kick-off Meeting, Portimao, Portugal

🌿🌍 Kicking off "Aqua" with a Splash in Portimao, Portugal! 🌊🇵🇹

We're thrilled to dive into our mission of environmental education and awareness with the start of the "Aqua" project in the stunning coastal city of Portimao. 💧📚

Our kick-off meeting was a tidal wave of inspiration, collaboration, and determination against the backdrop of Portugal's natural beauty. The passionate individuals from diverse organizations came together, ready to make a real impact. 🤝💚

From brainstorming sessions to action plans, we're on a journey to develop digital skills, promote cooperation, and instill eco-friendly values. 🌟🤖

This Erasmus+ initiative is not just about learning, it's about embracing and cherishing the beauty of our environment. Together, we're making waves of change for a more sustainable future! 🌏🌱

Stay tuned as we embark on this incredible adventure in Portimao, Portugal, and keep you posted on our progress. Let's make every drop count! 💧💪📢

TPM Skopje, North Macedonia

🌊✨ Diving deep into the heart of the Aqua project in Skopje, North Macedonia! 🇲🇰 Our TPM meeting was an absolute blast, filled with innovation, cultural exploration, and a whole lot of fun!

🔄 Connecting with waste management wizards at ЕЛКОЛЕКТ and the upcycling maestros of SIEC Macedonia was an eye-opener. 🌱 Exploring sustainable solutions and building bridges toward a cleaner future – truly inspiring stuff!

🏛️ Skopje stole our hearts with its rich culture and mouthwatering cuisine. From exploring historical landmarks to savoring the local flavors, every moment was a celebration of this beautiful city.

🌈 The grand finale? A vibrant workshop where creativity knew no bounds! 🎨 Customizing our very own tote bags was the perfect way to wrap up an enriching meeting, leaving us with tangible memories of a journey well-spent.

Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of Skopje. Here's to the Aqua project, new friendships, and the incredible experiences that shape us! 🎉

TPM Tenerife, Spain

Aqua Project : Reflecting on our TPM in Tenerife, Canary Islands 🌍

We had experienced the beauty and challenges of Tenerife, Canary Islands. From the breathtaking heights of Mount Teide to the vibrant lessons in sustainable gardening at a local community garden, we've gained invaluable insights into preserving our natural world.

A visit to Abades highlighted the urgent need for environmental protection against harmful development. These experiences have deepened our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Tenerife, you've been a classroom, a muse, and a reminder of the work ahead. Let's carry these lessons forward. 🌱 #TPMTenerife #Sustainability #EnvironmentalAwareness

TPM Nicosia, Cyprus

🌊✨ Exciting times at the TPM partner meeting for Project Aqua in Nicosia, Cyprus! 🇨🇾💼 We delved deep into the final stages of our project, discussing the implementation of our upcoming handbook and website. Stay tuned because big things are coming soon! 📚💻 But it wasn't all business – we also got to experience firsthand the incredible eco-friendly practices at "Riverland BioFarm", thanks to George, the passionate owner. 🌱♻️ Feeling inspired and motivated to make waves in sustainability!